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Focus #2: Biosourced polymers

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Event organized by ACD in partnership with Polymeris and the Nouvelle-Aquitaine Region

Health, automotive, defense, packaging, sports, aeronautics, textiles, etc. Polymers can be used for many different functions.

Now that they have become an essential part of our daily lives, it is essential to think about their development in order to meet the challenges of the ecological and environmental transition to a more sustainable world, by improving the impact of all stages in the life of these materials, from their raw materials to their end-of-life, while continuing to provide exceptional properties.

In this context, ACD Nouvelle-Aquitaine, the regional cluster of the chemical and materials industry, invites you to a series of technical days on "Tomorrow's polymers", as part of the regional NEOTERRA roadmap.

This technical day will focus on innovations in raw materials and manufacturing processes for these polymers as well as examples of applications. It will be an opportunity to develop discussions on these issues and to meet regional experts working on this topic.

Find out about the development of new bio-based polymers:
- Valorisation of bistructured molecules from lignin, Stéphane GRELIER, LCPO
- Biosourced polymers from vegetable oils: properties and examples of applications, Marie REULIER, ITERG
- Bioplastics produced by bacteria: the potential of microbial communities, Claire JACQUET-LASSUS, APESA and TIB
-Production of chitosans, Jérôme DELAY, ALPHA CHITIN
Then examples of applications will be presented:
- Bioplastic, biosourced and compostable materials: developing markets, Sandra MARTIN, FUTURAMAT
- Development of products based on pine resins, ARROSIA
- Packaging from bio-based polymers, INNOVI
- POLYMEREXPERT (subject under validation)


Contact: Uyxing VONGSAYSY
uyxing.vongsaysy@polymeris.fr - +33 (0)6 42 64 42 79

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